Guest Testimonials

The hospitality of Aegean Aurora was superb. Every detail of our experience on the ground, from the hotels to the meals and transportation, was well coordinated, of a high quality and stress-free. From the moment we arrived in Thessaloniki we were well cared for. Even though several members of our group experienced flight delays and cancellations thereby causing our group to arrive at different times late into the night, the staff of Aegean Aurora was there to meet and shepherd us to our first hotel. I highly recommend Aegean Aurora to anyone considering a pilgrimage following the footsteps of St. Paul.

The Right Rev. John S. Smylie
Bishop of Wyoming
The Footsteps of St. Paul, December 4-12, 2014


The journey that Aegean Aurora had organized for us to Vietnam & Cambodia was an extraordinary experience! We enjoyed a very well designed tailor-made itinerary which revealed the hidden gems of this part of the world; we especially enjoyed visiting the homes of local people, participating in authentic ceremonies and staying at impeccable hotels, which offered the comfort our party needed.
Deeply appreciated was the travel notes booklet that Aegean Aurora had especially prepared for every member of our party. We are already planning another journey, to Indonesia this time, and we are going to entrust it to Aegean Aurora once again.

Kathy & Jack Anderson
San Diego, CA
Journey to Vietnam & Cambodia, December 2014


Excellent planning, fascinating journey. I thank you very much for the wonderful experience!

Marikita Papadaki
China trip, April 2015


Ένα νέο γραφείο με βαθειά όμως γνώση των απαιτήσεων και του τρόπου παροχής στον ταξιδευτή ενός ολοκληρωμένου ταξιδιού γνώσης, εμπειριών και ευχαριστήσεων. Δίδεται με "ψαγμένο" τρόπο η σωστή επαφή σε κάθε νέα ταξιδιωτική εμπειρία.

Βίκυ Δούσκα - Ηλίας Σαμοθράκης
Ταξίδι Κίνας, Απρίλιος 2015


Just a quick note to say what a good trip we just had in Greece! Myrto, our guide, was extremely well prepared and her broad knowledge made the trip a great pleasure. I might add that our driver was an accomplished driver.

Landon Thomas
Greece, 19/4/2015


Recently I was part of a 21-member group under the aegis of Connoisseurs Tours, retracing the pilgrimages of St. Paul in Greece and Turkey. The Greek travel agency Aegean Aurora operated the entire trip of the Greek islands, Turkey, and the Greek mainland. Through their excellent planning and hand-picked guides, they gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Greek culture, experience the country's traditions and explore sites off the beaten path. The booklet that the company had especially prepared for each of us detailed the daily program and included travel notes on Greek history, geography, religion, art, and architecture. The company's guides were organized, sensitive to the needs of others and thoroughly professional. All hotels and restaurants were carefully selected and made our journey comfortable and most enjoyable. We always felt we were in good hands and well taken care of. Aegean Aurora's services were very much appreciated and I would definitely travel with them again.

Sylvia M. Venable, PhD
St. John's Episcopal School
Dallas, TX
Traveling into the New Testament, June 11-20, 2015


The heritage tour of the Jewish sites in Greece that you planned for us was an unexpected and exciting experience! Thank you very much.

Jeff & Marcia Leman
New Rochelle, NY
Jewish Heritage Tour of Greece, September 2015


The Greek portion of our pilgrimage was very well balanced. Cruise ran very well. Hotels were very nice, comfortable and well located. Our meals were good, the restaurants were hand-picked indeed and participants loved the picnics. The overall quality of food was excellent and guests appreciated it a lot.
Very much appreciated too were the arrangements for starting earlier in the mornings in order to avoid the big crowds; a very good idea! The farewell dinner last evening at Cape Sounion was just great!
For a pilgrimage like this, one of the top visits was in Corinth and Cenchrea! Special thanks for being so supportive of our celebration of Holy Communion and creating space for us to pray. This will always be an important part of all our future groups.

The Rev. Dr. Peter W.
Pilgrimages of St. Paul in Greece & Turkey, June 2016


Having concluded our 10-day tour of Greece with my fellow Alumni from the INSEAD MBA '79 group, I would like to express once again our delight on the success of this highly challenging trip.
As you very well know, most participants had visited Greece on several previous occasions and they were impressed that you could organize a trip which brought to them a completely new perspective on what our country has to offer in terms of cultural legacy and natural beauty. This includes me - and I am a native! Your office's efforts regarding trip organization had the unexpected result of zero complaints, a very rare result with such a demanding group. You managed to provide personal service for all individual preferences without disrupting the tour.
And all that at a reasonable cost, which was recognized as excellent value for money.

But I think the best compliment to you is that we are considering asking you to organize and guide our next year's tour to a foreign country no less!

Harry Kyriazis
INSEAD MBA '79, September 1-10, 2017


In the company of other like-minded adventure-seekers, under the guidance of our capable, warm, and exceptionally knowledgeable group leader, Eleni, as well as the care of our local agent, apart from exploring the ruins of an advanced civilization over 4,000 years old, I feasted on a variety of new experiences!

I had some of the tastiest Greek food and wines, not in restaurants that cater to tourists, but in the places locals frequent. I visited a co-operative bakery of women, who taught us how to prepare some outstanding Greek pastries and snacks. I also visited a charming old lady's home to watch her make sheep's milk cheese on a wood-burning stove. I foraged for wild greens, I had an extravagant al fresco luncheon with delicacies and wines of the region, and when local musicians entertained us, I danced together with my fellow travellers traditional Greek dances and had the most wonderful time!

William A.
Memphis, TN
Culture & Gastronomy of Crete, March 2018


We had a great time and your itinerary was perfect. Thank you both for making our time in Greece a "trip of a lifetime". You guys rock!

Deborah K.
Chicago, IL
Greece, May 18-24, 2019


I need to let you know how amazing the pilgrimage was! I talk about it to anyone who will listen.

Melissa Lea Hunter
University of Wyoming
The Footsteps of St. Paul, October 17-25, 2019


Thank you again for all the work you put into this pilgrimage for us!! Your attention to detail and flexibility with our groups made this trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone!!

Jessica Reynolds
Bishop's Executive Secretary
Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming
The Footsteps of St. Paul, November 5-13, 2019


I was so blessed to find you here in Greece and have had a wonderful time. Thank you again for turning my disaster into a wonderful experience!

Denise P.
San Diego, CA
Peloponnese, March 15-23, 2020

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