Shopping in Greece can be great fun! From the little souvenir shops to museum shops and art galleries and from the stylish boutiques to the few department stores, the visitor may find a fine collection of items to bring back home.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that prices are generally fixed so there is no need to spend time in bargaining, although in tourist areas a better price can easily be asked for.

For shopping it is preferred to pay in cash and in Euros, but credit cards are widely accepted. Foreign currency is usually accepted in tourist areas.


What to buy?

- Brand names for clothing & shoes / Cotton & linen clothing / Silk or cotton pashminas / Woolen shawls
- Handmade leather sandals, belts and bags / Leather handmade Shoes
- Embroideries / Needle point / Cotton tablecloths / Handwoven bags
- Rugs
- Copied archeological artifacts / Museum items
- Handmade Greek Orthodox icons
- Antiques
- Water color paintings
- Handmade gold & silver jewelry
- Filigree
- Terracotta items / Handmade souvenirs / Worry beads / Porcelain dolls
- Olive wood items: salad bowls, cutting boards, wooden spoons / Handmade wooden walking canes
- Bronze & copper utensils
- Handmade toys
- Musical instruments
- Greek music CDs
- Natural cosmetics of local brands / Natural soap: olive oil, sage, laurel / Donkey milk soap (rare and excellent)
- Natural sea sponges
- Herbs: excellent Greek saffron, oregano, thyme, sage, marjoram, etc.
- Thyme or wild flower honey
- Pistachios, almonds, figs, prunes, raisins
- Fruit preserves / Nougat / Fine Greek chocolate
- Organic products: olive oil, wine, delicatessen, dried fruit, cosmetics, etc.
- Unique Mastiha products: liqueur, marmalade, Greek delights, chocolate, biscuits, natural gum, cosmetics, etc.
- Wine / Ouzo / Tsipouro or Raki / Tendura (cinnamon liqueur) / Kitro (fragrant citrus liqueur)
- Finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Authentic Kalamata Olives
- Sea salt
- Books for Greek Cooking

Something that should not be missed is the wide variety of the Greek organic products, such as olive oil, wine, delicatessen, dried fruit, cosmetics and... so much more!


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