South America is a continent of extremes. Home to the world's highest waterfall (Angel Falls), driest desert (Atacama), largest rainforest (Amazon), greatest river (Amazon), longest mountain range (Andes), highest capital city (La Paz, Bolivia), the highest commercially navigable lake in the world (Lake Titicaca) and, excluding the research stations in Antarctica, the world's southernmost permanently inhabited community (Puerto Toro, Chile).

It may not be the most enormous or the most populated continent, but South America is absolutely stunning!

From the Amazon Rainforest to the towering peaks of Torres del Paine in southern Chile and from the fascinating Inca heritage of the Andean highlands crowned by the majestic Machu Picchu to the tumultuous power of Iguacu Falls, South America is a vividly colorful continent of splendid contrasts, always full of surprises.

South America has untold riches waiting to be explored. Our exclusive itineraries give a good insight into the culture and a full flavor of the many splendors that await the visitor in this part of the world.

Tour sample:  "The Trail of the Southern Cross"

Explore Chile's capital city and enjoy the unexpected charms of Valparaiso, experience the extraordinary lunar beauty of the arid high plateau of San Pedro de Atacama, the lush nature of Puerto Montt, the wooden churches of Chiloe Island and realize that you are standing at the end of the world in Punta Arenas. Cross to Argentina, feel the impressive emptiness of Patagonia crossed by pristine rivers, marked by the jagged peaks of the Andes and find your way to the great glaciers that nature has formed. Return to civilization by flying to Buenos Aires, the amazing city that gets under your skin with its atmospheric old neighborhoods, the romantic restaurants and thumping nightlife.

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