The Chinese civilization dates back over 4,000 years. Since then, China has created a rich culture, philosophy, arts and great inventions, such as gunpowder, papermaking and printing.

There are many ways to explore China's immense beauty and experience different aspects of the Chinese culture. Stroll around Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing, visit the Terracotta Warriors, follow the Tea & Horse Caravan Trail or retrace Marco Polo's famous footsteps traveling along the legendary Silk Road. Experience village life in a remote area, discover the sacred destinations of the country, explore China's old towns, journey through the dramatic landscapes of the Yangtze River, savor Chinese regional cuisine, indulge in the long and glorious history of Chinese arts and traditional crafts and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere in China's booming city of Shanghai.

Everything you do as soon as you set foot in China will be a cultural experience and it will be our pleasure to help you build your own China adventure.

Tour sample:  "China's Essence"

Start from the imperial Beijing, explore the neighborhoods of the city, feel at the top of the world by walking on the Great wall, visit sacred caves and hanging monasteries near Datong, stroll around the old historical city of Pingyao and stand in front of the 6,000 Terracotta Warriors at Xi'an. Take a calligraphy class, hike by the well-known Tiger Leaping Gorge and remain speechless with the Naxi show in Lijiang. End your adventure at the global city of Shanghai.

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