What we have learned, especially during the unforgettable 2020 when among other things our privilege of travel was suddenly revoked, is that we need to redefine our lives!
Part of this is redefining the way we travel and it seems that we have to leave behind the rushed, jam-packed and multi-destination journeys, or the "tick-as-much-as-you-can-off-your-bucket-list" travel. The motto now is: Quality over quantity.

Slow Travel, which is an offshoot of the Slow Food movement, has created a new approach of travelling with an emphasis to connection to local people, taking time to genuinely experience the local culture, enjoying the local food and music, relaxing with the easy flow of life, enjoying the fresh air while staying away from crowds.

We at Aegean Aurora are happy to design a trip where our guests will not have a holiday just as busy as their work life.
We want to offer our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beautiful Greek landscape, connect with nature, see the smaller things, relax, de-stress and unwind. We want them to delve deeper into the local culture, give their souls a chance for a much greater understanding of the destination, connect with the local community, go with the flow and definitely ensure that their journey has enriched them and at the same time has benefited the country and its people.

Our guests may choose from:
- our beautiful Island itineraries where they will experience, apart from the mainstream islands, some of the less visited but still beautiful ones, with their iconic whitewashed Aegean villages, the slow pace living, the hospitality of their people, their fine gastronomy and their excellent wines
- our impeccable Mainland programs where they may enjoy, apart from the classic highlights, so many less visited archaeological & historical sites, breathtaking mountains, a dramatic coastline of sleepy fishing coves, fortified Byzantine settlements, castle-towns plucked straight out of a fairy tale, a diverse cuisine, the prize awarded wineries and so much more!

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