The region of Epirus lies in NW Greece, between the Pindus mountain range and the Ionian Sea. Its untouched mountains covered with great virgin forests, breathtaking Dragon Lakes (the mythical mountain lakes) and untamed rivers provide a plethora of activities (mountaineering, climbing, ski, hiking, mountain biking etc.) in a scenery of singular beauty. And all of this co-exists in harmony with excellent archaeological sites, castles, monasteries, churches and traditional villages.

Pay a visit to Zagorochoria, a group of 46 villages located all over the slopes of the mountains. In close proximity, you can find Vikos Canyon, the second deepest in the world, with an ecosystem of 1700 plants and 182 animals. Cross the historic stone bridges or Epirus, where legends and local traditions leave their mark on these architectural masterpieces of superb craftsmanship. Explore the famous ancient oracle of Dodoni, where one of the largest theaters of antiquity still can be seen.

Complete your Epirus experience by visiting the unique city of Ioannina, a city full of secret corners and legends still living in this particular multicultural ambiance mainly dominated by Christian, Islamic and Jewish influences.

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